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Ginco was started by Virginie Rondot when she moved to London in 1995. Virginie has over 15 years experience in design, having started her career in advertising and publishing.

Ginco's client list include brand consultancies such as Landor, Joshua, Enterprise IG and Identica. Ginco works on a diverse range of brands: British Airways, Marks & Spencer, Coutts, Shell, Chivas, Philip Morris and Virgin to name but a few superbrands.

Ginco is also familiar with younger, less established brands and therefore can confindently say that it has a strong expertise in integrated brand communication, combined to a strategic approach and a ability to design creatively across disciplines: corporate identity, literature, new media, direct mail, packaging, interiors and advertising.

Over the last 2 years Ginco has been exploring the use of EL lighting in design. It is the energy efficient quality of EL and its revolutionary intercartive design potential that drives Ginco's research. Ginco works very closely with Elumin8, the leading manufacturers of Electroluminnescence (EL), on conceptual projects as well as commissions. Ginco is part of the Elumin8 Art Foundation.

Please look at Virginie's Curriculum Vitae