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Howard Hunt
Ginco has been planning and designing the brand awareness campaign since 1999 for the large Direct Mail group. The leading theme of communication is based on the printers convenient location in Dartford. The tone of voice is deliberately tongue-in-cheek to create a quirky individual brand personality.

Direct Mail
Fresh from Dartford (Recommanded DM Allowances for Healthy Growth).
Direct Mail, Easter 2002.

Direct Mail

Coming soon to Dartford. Howard Hunt's Greatest Show on Earth.
Direct Mail, Nov 2001. A2 Poster and A5 invitation to an open day seminar.

What will be coming from Dartford next week? A5 Teaser, January 2003.
Followed by: A Trip to Dartford. A2 corporate brochure, January 2003.
Direct Mail
Crack it all year round in Dartford! Direct Mail, April 2003.

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